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About us

From concept to completion Redhouse can design, develop, manufacture and install.

Redhouse can integrate within a large corporation system, a small architect design practice or direct with the individual private client

We have been trading as Redhouse since 1992 but our individual working roots in London go back over 20 years.

We have built a reputation as a specialist company with a wide and flexible skills base able to take on projects large and small where something different is needed and where details count.


Team skills

Our team has many years experience in a wide range of skills that include, blacksmithing, engineering, fabrication, patination, hard-wood woodworking, stainless steel and non ferrous work.

Project Development

From concept to completion, Redhouse can design, develop, manufacture and install.

From the initial discussion with the client, whether private individual or company architect, Redhouse, can develop the idea by the method best suited to the project by constructing scale models, full size samples, 3D AutoCAD or artists drawings.
As an example of this the architects scale model used for the initial presentation of Canary Wharf was made by Nick Hilliard who started Redhouse.

Our aim is to provide the best and most appropriate design we can within the clients budget.


The workshop is 3000 sq feet divided up for stainless, non ferrous & mild steel fabrication, blacksmithing, restoration, woodworking and pattination. With our years of experience we can if needed call on people not directly employed by our company but with whom we have close working links including architects, interior designers and project management.

We also work closely with other specialist craftsmen including metal casting companies, speciality concrete and glass sculptors. We have been involved in the development of a ductile cast iron that, after it has been cast, can be shaped in the forge and welded as mild steel. We also work closely with the award winning glass artist Max Jacquard on the development of private and commercial pieces.

Core Policies

We are committed to our policies of Health and Safety, Environment, Quality, and Equal Opportunities. Our Policies are available to view on our website or can be supplied to you if you wish.

We are a friendly firm who enjoy what we do.

Studio, Unit 15, 17 Argall Ave, London, E10 7QE | T: (020) 7987 8664 | E: info@redhouse-forge.co.uk