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The Key Partners in Redhouse

Nick Hilliard;
studied 3 Dimensional Design with emphasis on all types of metal fabrication and finishing including Furniture and Jewelry Design. After his degree Nick set up a workshop called Metal Mozaics specialising in architectural metal services and in particular casting finishes and the patina (patination) of non-ferrous metal sheet work. His award winning commercial work includes feature pieces in restaurants and for the refits on Royal Caribbean Cruise Liners. Although the workshop was in London he was supplying and coordinating for refits in Europe.

Stephen Anderson;
the main artist blacksmith, learned his skills from a master blacksmith and qualified as a traditional blacksmith in 1989. His further formal training includes restoration, art, design and 3d AutoCAD modeling.

Studio, Unit 15, 17 Argall Ave, London, E10 7QE | T: (020) 7987 8664 | E: info@redhouse-forge.co.uk