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Equal Opportunities Policy

Policy on equal opportunities in employment


Redhouse is committed to building an organisation that makes full use of the talents, skills, experience, and different cultural perspectives available in a multi-ethnic society, and where people feel they are respected and valued, and can achieve their potential regardless of race, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origins.

Redhouse will follow the recommendations of the CRE's statutory Code of Practice on Racial Equality in Employment in all its employment policies, procedures and practices.

The aims of this policy are to ensure that:

no one receives less favourable treatment, on grounds of race, colour, nationality, or ethnic or national origins, or is disadvantaged by any conditions, requirements, provisions, criteria, procedures or practices that cannot be justified on non-racial grounds, or victimised for taking action against racial discrimination or harassment, or instructed or put under pressure to discriminate against, or harass, someone on racial grounds;

the organisation is free of unwanted conduct that violates the dignity of workers or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, offensive or humiliating environment;

opportunities for employment, training and promotion are equally open to candidates from all racial groups; and selection for employment, promotion, transfer and training, and access to benefits,
facilities and services, will be fair and equitable, and based solely on merit.

This policy applies to all aspects of employment, from recruitment to dismissal and former workers' rights.

We will take the following steps to put the policy into practice and make sure it is achieving its ends.

The policy will be a priority for the organisation.

Stephen Anderson , General Manager, will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the policy.

The policy will be communicated to all workers and job applicants, and will be placed on the organisation's intranet and website.

Workers and their representatives and trade unions will be consulted regularly about the policy, and about related action plans and strategies.

All workers will be trained on the policy; on their rights and responsibilities under the policy, and on how the policy will affect the way they carry out their duties. No one will be in any doubt about what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable conduct in the organisation.

Managers and workers in key decision-making areas will be trained on the discriminatory effects that provisions, practices, requirements, conditions, and criteria can have on some racial groups, and the importance of being able to justify decisions to apply them.

Complaints about racial discrimination or harassment in the course of employment will be regarded seriously, and may result in disciplinary sanctions, and even dismissal. The complaints procedure will be published in a form that is easily accessible.

Opportunities for employment, promotion, transfer and training will be advertised widely, internally and externally, and all applicants will be welcomed, irrespective of race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origins.

All workers will be encouraged to develop their skills and qualifications, and to take advantage of promotion and development opportunities in the organisation.

Selection criteria will be entirely related to the job or training opportunity.

Information on the ethnic and racial backgrounds of workers and applicants for employment, promotion and training will be collected and analysed, to monitor each stage of the recruitment process. The information will be held in strictest confidence and will only be used to promote equality of opportunity and prevent unlawful racial discrimination.

If the data show that people from a particular racial group are under-represented in particular areas of work, lawful positive action training and encouragement will be considered for workers and others from that group, to improve their chances of applying successfully for vacancies in these areas.

Grievances, disciplinary action, performance assessment, and terminations of employment, for whatever reason, will also be monitored by racial group

Requirements, conditions, provisions, criteria and practices will be reviewed regularly, in the light of the monitoring results, and revised, if they are found to, or might, discriminate unlawfully on racial grounds.

All contracts between Redhouse and contractors to supply goods, materials or services will include a clause prohibiting unlawful racial discrimination or harassment by contractors and their staff, and by any sub-contractors and their staff. The clause will also encourage contractors and potential contractors to provide equality of opportunity in their employment practices.

An equal opportunities action plan will be drawn up, with racial equality targets and timetables, to show what steps the organisation plans to take to achieve equality of opportunity.

The effectiveness of the policy and the plan will be monitored regularly. A report on progress will be produced each year, and published via the intranet, the website, the staff newsletter, notice boards, and the annual report.

Customers and clients will be made aware of the policy, and of their right to fair and equal treatment, irrespective of race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origins.

This policy has been endorsed by, Nick Hilliard, Proprietor, and has the full support of the management/board.

The policy was approved on 1 st April 2005, following consultation with senior managers, workers, workers' representatives and trade unions.

Overall responsibility for the effectiveness of this policy lies with Nick Hilliard, Proprietor

All staff are responsible for familiarising themselves with this policy. Managers must also make sure their workers know about, and follow, the policy.

For further information, please contact Stephen Anderson

Anti-harassment policy

  As part of its equal opportunities policy, the company is committed to promoting a harmonious working environment, where every worker is treated with respect and dignity. No one should feel threatened, intimidated or degraded on grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, sex, married status, sexual orientation, disability, physical characteristics, health, age, or religion or belief.

The policy also covers harassment that falls outside the categories referred to above, and that can be classed as bullying.

Harassment at work is unacceptable and will not be permitted or condoned. Examples might include:

racially derogatory remarks or insults;

grafitti or slogans;

racist `jokes', banter, ridicule or taunts;

using a disparaging or offensive tone when communicating with people from certain racial groups;

avoiding people because of their racial group;

having unrealistic expectations of performance or imposing excessive workloads on people, based on their racial group; and

unnecessarily picking on individuals from particular racial groups.

All workers have a right to work in an environment that:

is free from abuse or insults;

is safe;

promotes dignity at work;

encourages individuals to treat each other with respect;

values politeness;

is open and fair; and

encourages individuals to support each other.

All workers should:

encourage a person who says they have been bullied or harassed to seek help, and be sensitive to their feelings; and

refrain from taking part in, or encouraging or condoning, gossip about cases of
alleged or actual harassment or bullying.

All complaints of harassment or racial discrimination will be treated seriously and dealt with promptly through the complaints procedure.

Disciplinary action, including dismissal, may be taken against any worker found responsible for unlawful racial discrimination or harassment.

All workers must follow this policy.

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